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Payment processing solutions

Affordable POS Point of Sale Payment Processing Company providing businesses with cost effective, easy to use Payment Processing Systems

Payment Processing Terminals

Every business is different, and the terminal for one type of business might be ineffective for a different business completely. From security to set up, we have you covered.


Online Payment Solutions

Taking online payments is absolutely essential in order to stay competitive with other businesses. Yet it is a subject that has its own complications to navigate.


Easy Shopping Integrations

We can help you make more sense of your payment needs when it comes to online shopping, going into greater detail based on your business’s unique situation.

The Big Problem

Does this sound like your situation

  • Your current payment processing system is complicated.
    (Aren’t they all like that?)
  • Your current payment processing system is expensive.
    (Are the savings really worth it to switch?)
  • Your current payment processing system is limited.
    (Are newer features really out there, or is that more marketing spin?)

Here’s the reality

If you find that you’re not getting the value you want out of your current POS setup, the truth is that switching feels like another chore on top of all of the other tasks in your day-to-day business operations.

Yet with the rise of the Internet and more people using not just debit cards but also contactless payment solutions like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, you can’t avoid the need to upgrade your system. The way people are making payments is changing, and we have to change with the times.

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to be fluent in the latest techie language to enjoy a smooth transition.

Wireless Debit & Credit Cards

Given the remote work revolution, it makes sense that more and more people prefer to shop online instead of going inside a store. Online shopping represents the ultimate in convenience, as the products come directly to the customer. In fact, most deliveries are now zero contact, perfect for a world dealing with a global pandemic.

We can help you make more sense of your payment needs when it comes to online shopping, going into greater detail based on your business’s unique situation.

Always available to help.
No question is too big or too small.

Global mindset, local heart. We are delighted to serve Atlantic Canada, but we see ourselves as an excellent solution for Canadian provinces and territories. True 24/7 service. The same service you get in the daytime is also available at night. Business doesn’t stop at 5 pm, and neither does our support.

Other Services We Offer

Atlantic Business Solutions has partnered with several Atlantic companies. We now offer many products and services to fulfill a variety of business need

Office Equipment

Sharp photocopiers, laser printers, production printers, Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display systems, mailing systems, Sharp Dynabook laptops and shredders. All backed up by outstanding local support and service through Sharp Direct and Think Imaging in Halifax.

Telus Smart Security & Automation

Through ASAP – Atlantic Security & Automation Partners: the
TELUS Trusted Provider and the largest Provider in Atlantic Canada for TELUS SmartHome & TELUS Secure Business solutions. Formerly ADT, TELUS SmartHome & TELUS Secure Business are the most recognized and trusted Home & Business Security brands in Canada.

Quick Business Financing

Atlantic Business Solution is here to help You in these tough economic times, as prices for supplies and materials continue to increase, fast access to cash is critical to remain afloat. We can help ensure your business survives and thrives thanks to our Quick Business Financing. Funding available up to $1 million. Available for business in Canada and the US.

Telecom Solutions

Business Telephone Services serving Atlantic Canada and all major Canadian cities. Specializing in Cloud Based VoIP (Hosted PBX), Digital Phone systems, Conference, Long Distance & Cloud IT, Microsoft Teams, SIP Trunking Business Phones & Internet. In collaboration with our business partner, DSM Telecom which has over 20 successful years providing high quality telecom solutions and outstanding local service

Custom Websites

E-Commerce Websites and Digital Marketing.

Business Consulting Services

We will analyze your business processes and help you find ways to cut costs and improve productivity.

Merchant Services

Payment processing systems, POS payment technology, virtual terminals and e-commerce payment gateways to businesses in Atlantic Canada and across Canada

Fully- Service Web Design And Marketing Agency

Web Design , Advertising, CRM, Social Media Management

What our clients say

When you’re looking for more information on switching payment processing companies, reviews are a great tool in your research process.


Dr Kim Dawdy

Over 5 years ago Mark Giguere replaced my previous Debit / Credit machine with one that is significantly less expensive, easy to use and reliable. I would definitely recommend using Mark’s services



Dawdy Naturopathic Clinic
Ottawa, Ontario

Colleen & Chris Hoggart

About 8 years ago Mark showed our Accounting Firm how we could accept payments from our clients quicker and easier by offering Debit and Credit Card payments rather than invoicing them and waiting for payments. This payment process really increased our cash flow and lowered our account receivables. I highly recommend Mark Giguere

Security House Accounting Services
Victoria, BC

Dr. Nicole Cruickshanks

 I recently switched my payment processing to Atlantic Business Solutions and was blown away by the customer service I received! Mark was quick, efficient and knowledgeable. He continues to provide exceptional customer service and has even saved us money on our transaction fees.
At one point we decided to switch to a different terminal, I expected this would take some time but he had a new order placed faster than I could blink an eye. I cannot say enough about the service I’ve received and am so happy that we made the switch.

Atlantic Chiropractic
Bedford, NS